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A Simple Home

Newlyweds moving into a new home together receive unexpected, inexplicable housewarming gift.

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Most newlyweds can relax after their wedding. For Tom and I, though, the past nine months had been a flurry of stress. We’d been living in a small duplex while rehabbing a house on five and a half acres Tom owned in Kansas City, and we’d scarcely had time to enjoy wedded bliss. Now, finally, we were moving in, but I was still having trouble winding down after all the activity.

One Sunday, I browsed through the half-price book store, looking for the perfect book to read. Passing the clearance rack, an old book jumped out at me. “Simplify Your Life: 100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy The Things That Really Matter.” So funny. It was just what Tom and I wanted now that the house was done. Spend more time with family and friends. Fill our new home with love instead of more possessions.

Would the book help? Maybe not, but it was cheap. I bought the book and brought it home to show Tom.

“Simple living, hmm,” Tom said. “Sounds like we could use that. Hope it’s helpful.”

I opened up the front cover. Inside, I was surprised to see that someone had written a message, dated fourteen years ago:

“May we grow together even more, and may we simplify our lives, so our love will deepen and strengthen even more. All my love in our new home.”

“Hey, Tom,” I said. “It is just for us.” I pointed out the inscription. “A couple just moving into their new home… and look who signed it.”

We both read the signature, someone else’s handwriting, but just the right name: Tom.

“The perfect housewarming gift,” Tom said.

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