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Kristin Chenoweth: A Special Christmas Tradition

Listen as star of stage and screen Kristin Chenoweth, featured in Guideposts’ The Joys of Christmas 2016, shares a special recollection of a memorable holiday breakfast.


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[HOLIDAY MUSIC] It’s Christmastime all the time at my house. But my mom has a special tradition of grits. Now, I am from Oklahoma, so it’s something that we specialize in– not me, because I don’t even know where my kitchen is. 

When I was on Broadway, one year I couldn’t get home, and my parents decided to come to me. And the kitchen was about as big as this bench. And she basically did something really cool. She said, invite anybody that doesn’t have anywhere to go on Thanksgiving. And we’re going to set up chairs. 

And she made her hominy and grits. She made biscuits and gravy, bacon, toast. She did it all. And that’s a tradition that I’ve had growing up. And, now, some of my Broadway friends get to experience it. 

And let’s just say I’m glad that people wore expandable waistbands that day, because we ate. We threw down in my apartment. And so thanks, mom. 


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