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The Power of Surrendering

Why spiritual surrendering can help military families and soldiers.

How a military family should surrender
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When I think of things military, a lot of descriptive words and phrases come to mind—courage, discipline, honor and victory. But not so much the word, “surrender.” But I’ve come to learn that surrendering is an important part of being in the military—and being a part of a military family. Here’s how:

1.  Surrender One’s Will
To be an effective part of a military unit, each soldier must surrender his own will to that of his commander. It’s only when an army works together that they can accomplish the things they’ve be recruited to do.

A military family is also at war. We fight fear, challenges, and the stress of having a loved one in a difficult life situation. When we surrender—accept our circumstances and have faith in God’s ability to keep us safe—we become an effective part God’s purpose.

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2.  Surrender to a Larger Purpose
The men and women in our military have committed to service beyond their own comfort and decisions. They go where they are told and perform the job they’ve committed to do. This isn’t easy, but their ultimate service and sacrifice are what keep our country safe.

As military families look beyond our own hardships, we can be used by God to affect not just our loved ones but also others who are also struggling.

3.  Surrender to God’s Peace
By serving with our military, the service men and women are part of the organization that brings peace. They keep us free from attack, and they serve here at home, keeping us safe during natural disasters.

Yes, military families live under the imminent possibility of what our loved ones are facing. But when we acknowledge that God is more than able to take care of them, we are surrendering to His authority. That is what brings peace, no matter the circumstances that surround us.

Yes, surrender is an odd trait for a healthy military family. But when we learn the power behind surrender, we find ultimate peace from the only One able to guarantee it. 

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