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An Inconvenience and a Blessing

Don’t let the darkness in your life win. You have a choice.

How a power outage blessed a family
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The house was dark and silent. What had started as a beautiful snowfall had become a home-owners nightmare as the power went out. We made a game of it with our two youngest sons by camping on the living room floor in front of the fireplace and eating things that didn’t have to be refrigerated or cooked.

We still had a lot of blessings and God had provided what we needed, even it wasn’t necessarily what we wanted. So what could have been gloomy and depressing became a time of family bonding. We lit candles and played games and waited for normalcy to return, doing what we could to make the best of a difficult situation.


It only took 24 hours for the power to return, but that time of inconvenience made me think of our own lives. Our oldest son was on his first deployment to the Middle East. It felt like the light had gone out of our lives, and we were stuck in a nightmare.

I realized that I had two choices. I could curl up and let the darkness win, or I could make the best of a difficult situation. I vowed right then to make sure I kept looking for ways to cope.

Having a son away at war was difficult, but it didn’t have to destroy our family. Instead, by looking at the resources God had provided. We focused on ways to keep busy and pull together. The end result was that we became closer than ever before.

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