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How a Mother’s Cancer Helped Save Her Daughter’s Life

Finding eternal love and support after an unplanned doctor’s visit

Saved by a mother
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When my friend Anna’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer about five years ago, the doctors encouraged her three daughters to be checked as well. Anna, in her 40s and with her own family, did indeed receive a breast cancer diagnosis. Now facing fear and worry, Anna and her mom, Elizabeth, leaned on each other, finding mutual support through their love and faith and prayers. 

While Anna went for treatments, her mom’s condition worsened as the cancer metastasized. Elizabeth died surrounded by family. Anna was devasted by the loss of her mother—the woman who taught her to be strong and courageous in life and death. But she continued her cancer treatments guided by her mother’s example.     

Recently Anna posted a video on Facebook celebrating the good news she received from her doctor. After five years of treatment and annual checkups, Anna was cancer free. She shared her news with a big smile and a grateful heart. 

She was sad in not being able to share this moment with her mother, to shed tears of joy together. But Anna knew that if it hadn’t been for her mother’s cancer diagnosis, she would not have gone to the doctor in the first place. 

In her post, Anna shared her perspective: “I celebrate the goodness of God even if my mom died. Because the goodness of God is not in the outcome.” She noted that the goodness of God is in the awareness of His presence and what He does in our lives. 

She recalled how the presence of God brought comfort when her mother died and gave her strength and hope as she battled her own cancer. Every day Anna thinks of her mom and how she helped save Anna’s life.

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