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Summer Travel 2021: How to Stay Calm and Healthy

As we emerge from strict pandemic protocols, tips for tending to our well-being—especially on the road

Summer travel
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Even the most exciting, relaxing, long-anticipated or joyful trip comes with a dose of stress along with the fun. Simply getting from points A to B, sourcing food and finding a parking spot—all of it requires we double down on practices that are known to reduce stress. After all, when we are less stressed, our bodies are more grounded, calmer and better able to face whatever comes our way—from new-to-us cuisines to summer cold germs. 

Hygiene is the watchword of summer travel 2021. As we emerge from the strictest of our pandemic protocols, we still need to tend to our well-being, especially while we’re on the road. 

Start with the basics:

–Prioritize rest and sleep (they’re not the same thing).

–Stay hydrated, aiming for 8 8-ounce glasses of water daily. (Side note: try to align your hydration with bathroom availability!)

–Feed yourself good food at regular times.

–Wash your hands at every opportunity, especially after using the bathroom, before and after eating and after handling money or items in a store. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water aren’t available.

–Move your body, stopping regularly for stretch-breaks on long car trips or walking around when the seatbelt sign is off on a flight.

–Breathe: use a calming technique like Five-Finger Breath or an energizing technique like “Ha” Breath to cue yourself to regulate, relax and keep stress from taking hold of your body.

These habits are smart ways to stay healthy anytime, anywhere. But when you’re traveling this summer—perhaps for the first time in over a year—there are added ways to protect yourself both physically and emotionally.

–Get your COVID-19 vaccine if you are eligible.

–Treat yourself to special indulgences (hello, ice cream)…but remember the maxim to enjoy everything in moderation.

–Acknowledge the new-normal strangeness of post-vaccine travel, giving yourself extra space to reconnect with the realities of travel—even with loved ones you’re so eager to see.

–Don’t forget to celebrate your ability to experience summer travel and all the joy that comes with it.

How does summer travel feel to you this year?

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