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Fresh Ways to Enjoy Avocados This Summer

Welcome this nutritional powerhouse to your dinner table, from soup to ice cream!

Ways to eat avocados this summer
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Avocados are the dictionary definition of a “superfood.” Rich in brain-and-heart-healthy fats, vitamins C, E, K and B6, and other nutrients, avocados support healthy vision, muscles and bones, and digestion.

It’s also filling, beautiful and delicious. 

So how can you get more of this nutritional powerhouse to your summer table? 

Shop for avocados that feel firm but not rock-hard when you press them gently. They’re ripe when they have a little give when pressed and when the fruit inside is bright, vibrant green and tender. 

Access your avocado by carefully running a sharp knife around the entire fruit, holding it upright so you trace its oblong shape, steadying the knife against the pit inside. Carefully twist the cut avocado open and remove the pit with a spoon before scooping out the flesh for slicing, cubing or mashing.

Save leftover avocado by pressing plastic wrap directly on any exposed flesh to keep it from turning brown. You can also rub the cut side of an avocado with a cut lemon to let the acidic juice help keep it fresh and green.

Now it’s time to eat! Try one of these easy, delicious ways to enjoy what might be the ultimate summer fruit.

Mash ripe avocado chunks together with lime juice, garlic, tomatoes, minced onion, fresh cilantro and spicy peppers (if desired). Plunge in a chip or carrot stick and enjoy.

Some chunks of avocado are a delicious topping for tomato soup or veggie or meat chili. But on a hot summer day, the avocado can transform into its own brand of chilled soup. Blend 2 ripe avocados with a handful of cilantro, parsley and/or chives, 4 cups of vegetable or chicken stock, a clove of garlic and the juice of 2-3 limes in a blender. Chill and serve! 

Salad (or Dressing)
Avocados enrich salads with their creamy, satisfying flavor and texture. A few pieces of avocado pair with any salad greens, vinegar- or cream-based dressings and are delicious foils for salad zingers like citrus fruits. You can zip an avocado in a blender with lime juice, cilantro, garlic and a drizzle of oil to make a nutrient-dense avocado dressing for your favorite salad.

Ice Cream
Yes, you read that right! Mixed together with lime juice, condensed milk and heavy cream, your superfood becomes a luscious dessert. Try this easy recipe from Mexican food blogger Mely Martinez—no ice cream maker required!

How do you enjoy avocados in the summertime?

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