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Love, Love, Love

Why this Shiny Toy Guns song brings her closer to her singing dream.

There’s something about music that always stays with me. Whether it’s the melody itself or the harmony of the singer’s voice or the lyrics that stand out from the chords beneath them, music resonates and reminds, it stirs up memories, feelings and possibilities—it’s a language all its own.

I have to admit that up until the time I had to choose a major in college, I wanted to be a singer. Not because of the fame. Or the money. Or the masses of fans watching. Because I genuinely love to sing—and that hasn’t changed.

What did change over the years was the vision of that dream coming true—my practical, reasonable side kicked in, knowing I would have to work in the “real world,” make money, pay bills, be independent. And unlike many of those embarrassing auditioners on American Idol, I was smart enough to know that although I have a decent voice, it’s not groomed enough for a record label’s approval…or Simon Cowell.

So I let that dream slip away to focus on writing and editing, which has led me here to GUIDEPOSTS. And while I enjoy blogging and posting video, finding inspiring stories and hearing what you all have to say about your dreams, there’s a tiny part of me that still wishes I had a microphone in my hand.

Lately, I’ve been playing “Seasons of Love” by The Shiny Toy Guns on my iPod. I play it while I run or while I walk to work. And sometimes I’ll play it twice in a row, just because I love the sound of this song and its lyrics so much that 3 minutes isn’t long enough for me.

When I find a song that affects me like this one, I see scenes played out in my head while I’m listening to it, I remember people from my past… and if I close my eyes, I can feel my feet on an aged stage, lights illuminating my hair, darkness blanketing the crowd in front of me and my lips moving as if I’m meant to sing it myself.

Listen to “Seasons of Love” and let me know what it reminds you of. Or if you have a song that resonates with you, share! 

—Megan Cherkezian

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