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A Look at ‘Where Hope Grows’

Actors Kristoffer Polaha, McKaley Miller and David DeSanctis share how their new film, Where Hope Grows, is working to shatter stereotypes and lead people to faith. 

Kristoffer Polaha and David DeSanctis in Where Hope Grows
Credit: copyright: Tom LeGoff www.tomlegoff.com

More and more faith-based films keep cropping up in theaters but none may be as special as Where Hope Grows. The film, which opens in theaters May 15th, follows the story of Calvin Campbell (played by Mad Men star Kristoffer Polaha) whose career as a major league pitcher ended when he froze up at the plate. As a result, he finds himself unemployed, nursing the bottle and dealing with a broken relationship with his teenage daughter (Hart of Dixie actress, McKaley Miller). It’s only when Calvin meets Produce (newcomer David DeSanctis) — a young man with Down Syndrome who works at the local grocery store — that he slowly begins to turn his life around. 

Guideposts chatted with DeSanctis — who is one of the only actors with Down syndrome to be cast as a leading character in a major motion picture — along with Polaha and Miller about their characters in the film and how the movie is working to shatter stereotypes: 


Where Hope Grows premieres in theaters Friday, May 15th. 

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