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Makeup Tips from Carmindy

TLC’s makeup maven talks about five makeup products every woman should keep handy.


Guideposts Video: Inspiring True Stories There are some very basic essentials that no woman needs to be without. A lot of women don’t know basic things like how to choose the right foundation shade. Some people don’t know how to do a smokey eye. What’s the steps in which you put on eyeshadow? Women have to always find the right foundation. This is key, whether you use a liquid foundation or a spray foundation. There’s new technologies now. Women used to be afraid of foundation because it was thick and heavy. Now, they’re sheerer. They’re light. It’ll even out your skin tone, and it also sets the stage for makeup to go on and stay on all day long. Under-eye darkness—this is, like, the number one question I get from women. And instead of dealing with thick and heavy concealers, go for an eye-brightening concealer, something that just bounces the light under your eyes, getting rid of those dark circles. Another key thing is mascara. This is what I never leave the house without, because mascara is the quickest way to frame your eyes. You can skip eyeshadow. You can skip eyeliner. But a nice healthy, like, full fringe of lashes really, really enhances the eye. And last, but not least, lip gloss—whether you choose a lipstick, a lip balm, or a lipgloss, having moisture on the lips will polish your look and actually keep your lips really conditioned and healthy. I have a brand-new book out called Crazy Busy Beautiful. And what it is, is a collection of all my beauty tips and tricks that I’ve collected over the years. And it’s done in a really easy way so women at home can easily open up the book, point to the section she wants to learn about, and find out in, like, five minutes exactly how to do the certain tips and tricks that are right for her. So it’s very easy, very convenient, and very fast.  

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