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3 Fun Ideas for Virtual Holiday Parties

The togetherness is real even if no one is in the same room at these delightful gatherings.

Virtual Christmas party
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One of the hallmark joys of the December holiday season is to gather with dear friends, colleagues, neighbors and family to celebrate in community. Festive foods, sparkling outfits and the cozy delights of togetherness are highlights as the year draws to a close.

This year, we are wise to wrap up the year like we’ve spent most of it—following smart public health guidance by refraining from gathering indoors in groups, outdoors without masks or really in large groups at all.

But we don’t need to skip the celebrations entirely. Instead, we can bring the festivities online and showcase the flexibility, fun and communication skills we’ve developed during this most unusual and challenging of years.

1)  Play an Online Game
There are a number of free, easy and fun online games you can play as a virtual group. Think about bingo (I have led a few neighborhood rounds using this site), a drawing and guessing game like Drawosaurus or even a physical game everyone can play in their own space, from Yatzhee to charades. After some introductory chatting, get into the holiday spirit by getting your game on!

2)  Learn Something Together
If you are working remotely or if someone in your household is attending remote school, the idea of another class might not appeal. But from cooking and baking to magic tricks to art, there are endless opportunities for online learning that can spruce up a virtual holiday gathering. The shared experience will be fun and relaxing. Maybe a member of your group even has a special skill they can teach virtually!

3)  Wear Something Wacky
Are you the defending champion of your famous annual Ugly Sweater Contest? Why not bring that idea online and invite your friends and family to challenge you for the title. You can wear funny hats, model your favorite holiday-themed masks or otherwise ask folks to show up looking festive, different and ready to have some laughs!

What are you planning for your virtual holiday celebrations this year?

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