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Cute, Cozy Ways to Tie an Autumn Scarf

These three favorites will keep you warm as well as stylish all season long.

Autumn scarf
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Fall is such a transitional season, weather-wise, and those first nips of cool air call out for one of my favorite fashion accessories—a smartly tied scarf. There are so many ways to wear these colorful pieces, but I am here to share my three favorite ways to stay cute and cozy all autumn. 

In the video below, I use my favorite fall scarf. It’s polyester, no cashmere needed, and it’s long-lasting and in a sweet bird pattern. But you can use these techniques with cotton, wool or any other oblong scarves that strike your fancy or are waiting in your closet.

“The Pretzel”
Gather your scarf at the middle and let it fold into a gentle u-shape. Drape the “u” around your neck. Tease out one of the loose ends and pull it through the loop. Pick up the other loose end and cross it under the loop. Pull it around and back through the loop to finish in a loosely knotted formation that will look fancy and polished but is actually super easy. Again, watch the video below to actually see how it’s done.

“The Cowl Neck”
Sometimes I want my scarf to be really cozy around my neck. On those days, I start by draping my scarf at an offset length over my shoulders. The short end should fall around my belly button. Then I take the long end and wrap it around my neck and back over my opposite shoulder. I could leave this look here, fluff it up and head out the door. But for an easy cowl neck look, I’ll just tie the two ends into a loose knot, loosen the neck wrap, and tuck the knot up into the cowl.

“The Infinity”
This is one of the only scarf techniques I use where I tie an actual knot in the scarf—it’s great for when you want to finish your outfit with a scarf, but you want some space around your neck. Drape your scarf around your neck and tie the ends to turn the scarf into a long necklace. Now twist the necklace into a figure-8 (or an infinity symbol!). Lift the bottom loop of your figure-8 up over your head, and you’re ready to roll. 

What are your favorite fall scarf looks?

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