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3 Easy Ways to Warm Your Home on a Cold Day

How to feel cozy in winter

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“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face,” said the author Victor Hugo. I love this quote for its suggestion that metaphorical suns can lift and brighten us during the cold season. Laughter is certainly one such source of warming light, one of many I look to when the temperature is low. 

In the winter, I think of my home as the canvas on which I can paint the warmth I wish to experience. Here are my three favorite ways to cozy up my home so the winter can stay where it belongs—outside my door, not on my face. 

1.  Set Warming Smells to “Simmer”
Ginger, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg—these are the scents I associate with the kind of warmth that I want to radiate out from deep in my soul. Supermarkets or natural food stores carry numerous brands of teas that feature those scents, but you can also easily make a stovetop potpourri by floating some cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, orange peel, and anything else that seems warmingly delicious-smelling in simmering water.

2.  Wrap Yourself in Soft Things
You can wrap yourself in warmth whether you are hibernating for the afternoon or venturing into the cold. Choose blankets for your sofa and bed that feel soft and dreamy to the touch. Set aside a special fluffy scarf for the days when you need some extra coddling. And, in the words of your wise parents when they didn’t want to turn up the thermostat….put on a sweater! The softer, the better to make you feel emotionally as well as physically warm. 

3.  Hack Your House
There are some simple hacks you can do to make your home more energy-efficient, Give these a try to get the heart-warming feeling you are making the most of your money: 

–Run your ceiling fan in reverse to push the warm air from the ceiling, where it wants to collect, downward to where you are.

–Use plush fabric stuffed with beans or rice to block drafty doorways.

–Leave sunny window blinds open during the day to warm the air using a principle called “passive solar heating.”

What keeps you warm in your home on a cold day?

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