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Walking in Grace—Personal Stories of Faith in Action

This 365-day devotional from Guideposts offers spiritual solutions from familiar faith-filled writers.

Edward Grinnan
Credit: Katye Martens Brier
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These past few weeks since my wife, Julee, passed I feel as if I have been walking in grace with the outpouring of your prayers and compassion. Each day I feel your empathy and your love lifting me up on this daily journey, a journey I know so many of you have walked. I feel as if you are helping me follow in your footsteps from darkness to light and acceptance by sharing your experience, strength and hope.

Isn’t that what walking in grace is all about? Sharing our daily journey in faith. For years we have produced a popular book of devotions, Daily Guideposts, 365 story-based devotions produced by a group of faithful writers many of you say have come to feel like family to you. As one of those longtime writers, I can attest to that feeling. You are more like a family than an audience.

After much discussion, research and prayer we have changed the title of Daily Guideposts to Walking in Grace. The title is the only thing that has changed. You will still enjoy the short personal stories of faith-in-action by a family of writers you have come to know and love. Each devotion starts with a Bible quote, just as before, and ends with a personal prayer that you can apply to your own life—an opportunity to dig deeper into the spiritual lesson of the devotion. As in everything we do, the devotions are story-driven so that you can better identify with the author’s problems, spiritual solutions and triumphs, so you can put yourself in the writer’s shoes and share their walk in grace.

When we launched Daily Guideposts some 47 years ago it was virtually the only other publication we had apart from Guideposts magazine. So, the title made sense. Today we have a several devotional books as well as our website and social media pages and apps. There are plenty of ways to engage with the content you love daily.

Years ago, I had to be talked into writing for Daily Guideposts. It’s a long story but eventually it was the embrace of you, the audience, that kept me writing even to this day. Writing devotions opened my eyes to God’s daily presence in my life, to His abiding and often unexpected grace in my walk of faith.

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