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Honoring the Military’s Gold Star Mothers

Why we should honor Gold Star Mothers, those who have lost a child in battle and service to our country.

Why we should honor the military's Gold Star Mothers
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Every mother who has a child in the military knows what it means to be called a Gold Star Mother. That designation honors mothers who have lost a child during battle. It’s our greatest fear when one of our kids makes the decision to join the military.

Gold Star Mothers aren’t just women who wear their grief in the form of a star. This group of amazing women is at the forefront of the fight to make sure our military men and women are never forgotten.

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The American Gold Star Mothers organization was chartered in 1929 by President Woodrow Wilson. Part of their charter outlines their commitment, including:

  • Maintaining the ties of fellowship born of that service, and to assist and further all patriotic work.
  • Assisting veterans of World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, and other strategic areas and their dependents in the presentation of claims to the Veterans’ Administration and to aid in any way in their power the men and women who served and died or were wounded or incapacitated during hostilities.
  • Perpetuating the memory of those whose lives were sacrificed in our wars.
  • Inculcating lessons of patriotism and love of country in the communities in which we live.
  • Inspiring respect for the Stars and Stripes in the youth of America.
  • Extending needful assistance to all Gold Star Mothers and, when possible, to their descendants.
  • Promoting peace and good will for the United States and all other nations.

Through the generations, these amazing women have taken unthinkable grief and turned it to unbelievable good. Take time to join me in honoring their sacrifice and their service.

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