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When Faith Empowers Us to Endure the Impossible

If anger, resentment and bitterness beckon, it’s God’s love that can answer.

Couple grieving
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Several months ago, a young couple came to my office for counsel. They were expecting their third child, but the news from the doctor was not good. The baby had a rare condition and probably would not survive birth. And if the baby lived, it would battle multiple diseases that could shorten its life to only a few weeks or months. 

I saw the anguish, pain, sorrow and weariness in their eyes that day. Yet they displayed courage and faith. They trusted God in spite of the hardship they were facing and the many questions they had. As they waited anxiously for the delivery date, the couple found strength from within to care for themselves and their two small children. Their love for each other drew them even closer in this time of need.

Once again, I was reminded that people find strength in the most difficult times of life. Our faith empowers us to endure the impossible with courage, grace and hope. Even when the outcome is not what we want or expect, we can keep trusting that God’s presence will get us through the worst of times. God never abandons us in our hardships.

This is not to minimize hurt, loss and pain. It doesn’t mean that we will always understand why certain things happen. Yet when life becomes dark and uncertain, the light of God shines a path for us to walk on. We discover a strength we thought we never had. When anger, bitterness and resentment are upon us, it’s God’s love that can fill us.

The weeks following our meeting were not easy for the couple. At delivery, the baby was stillborn. The grieving parents contacted their cousin, a pastor, who prayed over their baby. The strength and hope of God carried them through that sad day as it will for the difficult days ahead.

For all of us in the middle of sorrow, we can hold on to our faith in God. He will help us through our grief.

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