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Lord of Possibilities

“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”—JEREMIAH 32:27 NIV

We caregivers often see only the overwhelming tasks before us. Those “impossibilities” blind our vision and discourage our souls.

Yet God surrounds us with moments of hope through small victories and unexpected joys. We hear a familiar laugh that has been absent too long. We see a glint of recognition in a face that lately has been expressionless. We see a small gain as our loved one walks down the hallway.

We receive an encouraging note from a faraway friend. A neighbor brings us a favorite meal. The prescription costs less than expected. We pause to hear the birds singing in the morning, or we stop to take in the evening sunset.

God is the Lord of possibilities. Is anything too hard for Him? He walks with us through the difficulties and showers us with unforeseen joys and successes—if we’ll only look for them. Each day contains seeds of surprise from Him. When we open our hearts and eyes to find His hidden treasure, signs of His love, these small victories and unexpected joys fill us with hope.

He is the Lord of possibilities. Nothing is too hard for Him.

Dear Lord of possibilities, I know that nothing is too difficult for You. I need Your hope, strength, and courage to open my eyes to Your gifts of joy each day.

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