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Blind Skier

For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.—PSALM 48:14 NIV

Attached to each other by harnesses and a pole, a pair of skiers slid in tandem down a slope. The one in back wore a large orange sign that said, in black letters, Blind Skier. Zooming sightless down a snow-covered slope, he exuded personal courage and trust in his guide.

Sometimes life is that hill. Our path is steep, scary, and potentially dangerous.

We are the blind skier—our limitations prevent us from seeing or successfully weaving our way through the challenges of life.

But God is the front skier—expert, all-seeing, completely in charge, and totally caring. He carefully guides us through each day’s obstacles. We can’t see Him; we can only trust that He’ll bring us through. On the brink of our “hills,” we could sit down in the snow and refuse to budge, crying over our limitations, the scary circumstances, and the fact that we can’t see God.

Or, using His Word as our harness and pole, we can securely follow Him down the hill. We can exercise courage and faith, clinging to His promise to safely maneuver us through the challenges ahead.

As you provide care today, remember that blind skier. Cling to the pole. Rest confidently in the harness, knowing that God is on the other side.

Lord, when I can’t see You, when circumstances obscure Your goodness, help me to remember Your Word to me. Enable me to follow You closely through the frightening course of my life.

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