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The Prayer of Yes

A devotion to help you see God’s light when you feel down.

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For the Son of God, Jesus Christ…was not “Yes” and “No,” but in him it has always been “Yes.” II Corinthians 1:19

Let’s be honest, sometimes you need little things in your pockets and on your desk that recharge your heart like tiny batteries. I have lots of them.

I have yellowing envelopes filled with what happened when my children got their first haircuts. I have some of their baby teeth, which my wife thinks is nuts, but whenever I touch those infinitesimal mountains I remember that I saw miracles emerge wet and mewling and miraculous from my wife. I have a note in my wallet sent to me by a Muslim woman in Australia after September 11, in which she said she was praying for the murdered and for the murderers, too, and that note is a university to me.

I have a stone from the beach where my mother’s people lived for a thousand years before coming to America. I have my wife’s father’s watch, which he wore until he died, which was long before I met him. I wear the ring my wife gave me when she said yes, a yes that made me speechless, and still does.

It seems to me that all these things are ways of saying yes on the days when you are worn down by the ocean of no. But you know and I know that yes is the road to light.

Dear Lord, may I ask for the daily strength to say yes even when I am really tired and sad and there’s hardly any hope? Because You are the Yes, and the fact is that I need Your Yes as food for my hungry soul.

Editor’s Note: Sadly, beloved Daily Guideposts contributor Brian Doyle passed away on May 27, 2017. We are forever grateful for the many gifts he shared with us. 

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