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Deep Water Friends: A Devotional for Kids

Good friends are a special gift from God.

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What does God say?
A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.—Proverbs 17:17

Dolphins are small members of the whale family. Although they swim in the oceans, they breathe air through a special opening in the tops of their heads. They must come to the surface often to take a breath. They usually swim with several other dolphins and leap and dive together in the ocean’s waves. Sometimes they even ride the waves like a surfer does!

But dolphins also care for one another in a very special way. If one dolphin is hurt, its friends will stay close to it and protect it from harm. They may even push the sick dolphin to the surface, so it can take a breath. If its friends didn’t help out, the sick dolphin might drown.

God has given each of us good friends to play with and to help. We all know how wonderful it is to have a good friend when we are feeling lonely, hurt, or sad. God wants us to be good friends to others too. When someone is alone, we can ask him or her to play with us. When someone is sad, we can share a hug or just listen if they want to tell us what is wrong. Good friends are a special gift from God.

What do you say?

• Can you find the place on their heads where the dolphins breathe?

• How has a friend helped you? What could you do to help a friend?

• How do the dolphins help one another?

• Why do you think God wants us to be good friends to one another?

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