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A Memorial Day Prayer

In this daily devotional, a family says a prayer on Memorial Day after making a discovery.

A Memorial Day Prayer
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Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

It was a beautiful Memorial Day. Pear Tree Beach here in Darien, Connecticut, had come alive again after the long New England winter. The sun sprinkled diamonds of light on the waves and warmed the pale sun-worshipers. The air was filled with the happy sounds of children and the aroma of roasting hamburgers and hot dogs. As my husband and I spread our blanket on our favorite spot near the gazebo, our son Jason ran off to play on the rocks that jutted out into the sound. What a perfect day, I thought. What a day for picnics, parades and parties!

Then, we heard Jason call, “Mom! Dad! Come see what I found!”

We ambled down to the rocks and there, placed at about five-foot intervals for the entire length of the jetty, were laurel wreaths, their red, white and blue ribbons fluttering in the breeze.

Right then and there, tears welled in my eyes as I thought of all the men and women who were not there to share this beautiful day with their loved ones. We stood together—a fortunate, intact family—and said a prayer for those who had died to preserve our way of life.

I don’t know who placed those wreaths on the rocks, but I thank them. It reminded me that Memorial Day means more than a day at the beach. It is a day to give thanks that we live in a land of freedom, peace and prosperity, and it is a day to cherish the memory of those who died defending it.

Prince of Peace, enfold our beloved war dead in Your arms; comfort those who mourn them; and help us, and all the nations of the world, live in peace. Amen.

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