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The Wisest Prayer Ever

Don’t let minor irritations get you down.

Remember the LORD in everything you do, and he will show you the right way. Proverbs 3:6 (GNT)

Never mind bad hair days, I have issues with my eyebrows: flying off in different directions, acting bushy and bold when I need them to lay flat, and even—horrors—turning gray. How dare they!

Having a lifelong aversion to pain, I’m not one to pluck renegade hairs from my face. I thought about coloring my eyebrows when I do my hair, but then I’d risk dripping color in my eyes. No thanks.

So I decide to shape them. A little snip here, a little eyebrow pencil there. Now I look like I’m shocked on my left side and angry on my right. This is fine if you look at only one side of my face or my profile. Otherwise, it appears I can’t make up my mind.

Finally, desperate to end this foolishness, I cry out to Jesus, Help me, Lord! It embarrasses me to ask the Master of all creation for help with wonky eyebrows. But I’ve discovered that Help me, Lord is the wisest prayer ever.

True to His word and His nature, Jesus came to my rescue. He gave me the bright idea to let my eyebrows do their own thing. Now I’m free to concentrate on more important issues: relationships, work, creating the next sermon or devotional story.

I sigh in relief and thank Him for His infinite kindness. My requests—or panicky pleas—for help honor Him. He’s pleased when I acknowledge that He’s smarter than I am. After all, He invented eyebrows.

Faith Step: If you, like me, let minor irritations bother you, choose one and pray the wisest prayer ever: Help me, Jesus! Now get ready for His creative solution.

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