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Wisdom from God

In this bible devotional, a father receives a little parenting wisdom after asking God for help.

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“If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God.”—James 1:5

When my wife Joy took a part-time job, the house began to look like a disaster area. One day it got to be too much for overworked Joy. What could we do? I’d tried reasoning with our adolescent sons, and it wasn’t working. With a sigh and a “prayer” asking for wisdom, I faced the three culprits. “All right, no more living like slobs. From now on, no one will pick up anything for you. Things left out after bedtime will disappear!”

That first night three dollars and two favorite toys disappeared off bedroom floors. More disappeared the next day. But after five days, my sons had the neatest bedrooms in town—and a dad who’d learned a little more about parenting from his Heavenly Father.

Do you need wisdom right now? Stop and pray. The Bible says “He gives generously to all.”All we have to do is ask!

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