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An Ocean of Devotion

The ebb and flow of the waves is an echo of God’s voice calling me back to Him.

Ocean of Devotion
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Every one who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins through His name. Acts 10:43 (RSV)

My son Ross, who, after bodysurfing for more than an hour, has just ridden a big wave all the way into shore and runs to tell me about it.

“You know what I love about the ocean, Mom?” he says, shaking saltwater off his face. “The waves keep coming. If you miss one, you just have to wait. There’s always another one.”

His innocent assessment falls into place in my mind like the last piece of a puzzle. The ebb and flow of the waves is an echo of God’s voice calling me back to Him. Only recently I’ve let go of anger at a friend over long-ago hurts that I wouldn’t forgive and resentment over her successes.

Holding on to those destructive feelings separated me from God, and in my stubbornness I passed up opportunities to be forgiven. Yet like the gentle pull of the tide, I always felt God bidding me to return to Him. And when I was finally ready, so was He.

Gazing at God’s great ocean now, I think I understand its power to comfort me. The steady flow of the sea is a reminder that while in my weakness I may miss many chances, God offers me to come to Him, and He will see that there’s always another wave of love and grace to carry me into shore.


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