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Opening Our Ears to God’s Voice

Above all the din came the cheerful whistling of a small bird. It was so beautiful, I stopped to listen.

A finch sitting on a branch
Credit: Jeff Goulden
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Mine ears hast thou opened… (Psalm 40:6, KJV)

I opened my office window, and the pulsating noises of the city entered–traffic, sirens, jackhammers, horns, all the rush and energy of a city at work. But above and through it all came the cheerful whistling of a small bird singing away in all this din.

It was so incredibly beautiful, I stopped for a full minute to listen.

Then, at noon, I was crossing the street at the corner of our building, and I heard the trilling again. I looked up, and there was a small dark finch in a very young tree planted in the all brick sidewalk.

He warbled his song again, then flew up to the side of the building and managed to squirm into a tiny space, where I suspect he and his mate are building a nest to raise a family.

When my ears are open to the world around me there’s no telling what I may hear–perhaps even the voice of God.

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