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My Sons’ Dinner with an Angel

They saw an angel spreading God’s word and helped him any way they could.

My Sons' Dinner with an Angel
Credit: pakornkrit
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Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Romans 12:13 (NIV)

Naturally, I subscribe to both of my sons’ Twitter accounts. Last winter, my oldest son’s tweet captured my attention and caused me to pick up the phone and ask what was going on. This was the tweet: I believe my brother and I are sharing a meal with a real angel. Seriously.

At the time, Rene and Kaleb attended Troy University (Rene has since graduated), and I wanted to hear about this angel. So I called. And Rene explained how a tall man with a backpack walked up to Kaleb behind a church and asked if the church was having service that night. Then the man, Karan, explained how he was walking across the US and was sharing his testimony and God’s love.

Kaleb and Rene took Karan to eat and they brought along friends. The meal turned into a day of college kids meeting Karan and sharing testimonies. It ended with Karan spending the night at the house where our boys live at Troy. Now, here’s the tough part for me to write. I was worried. The boys didn’t know the man, didn’t even know his last name, and I’m not certain I’m spelling his first name correctly because they didn’t ask. They simply saw an angel spreading God’s word and helped him any way they could.

Since that time, Karan has called them occasionally and let them know what city he’s visiting and how God has provided for him throughout the journey. The calls come from different numbers, because he’s using a phone from someone generous enough to help him out.

Jesus commanded repeatedly for us to love others, but to truly love others sometimes we have to let fear go and let faith lead. Rene and Kaleb did that by helping Karan, and their lives have been forever enriched by the experience.

Faith step: Let fear go, and let faith lead. Who knows? You may find yourself having dinner with an angel too!


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