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“I’m Here, God”

In this devotion, excerpted from Daily Guideposts 2015, a yoga student learns that just being still can put one in touch with the Father.

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In the morning, while it was still very dark,
he got up and went out to a deserted place, and there he prayed.
–MARK 1:35 (NRSV)

This Lent, I joined my yoga class in a 40-day commitment to healthy eating, daily exercises, and meditation every morning and evening.

I resisted the meditation part of the commitment at first. I was strangely put off by–even afraid of–the idea of not thinking, of not doing something, for five whole minutes. Of just being.

When I admitted this fear, my yoga teacher said, “It’s no different from praying. Just commit five minutes to being alone with God. Being present. Being open. Available.”

Not much happened during my attempts at meditation. No revelations or visions.

Still, this new way of praying was curiously satisfying. I set the oven timer for five minutes, settled myself cross-legged on the living-room floor, and drew in air through my nose, as I’d been taught, then breathed it back out through my mouth.

“I’m here,” I said.

In. Out.

Soon, I was relaxed, at peace. I felt fully present with God. Just being. Here. In. God’s. Presence.

Immediately, it seemed, the timer went off.

That, I learned, is what prayer is. Or what it can be. Not a duty. Not achieving some holy purpose. Just being present, by myself, with God.

Father, I’m here.

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