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Daily Guideposts 2017 Preview: Faith and Finances

Does your faith disappear when it comes to finances even though God has always provided one way or another?

Guideposts Editor-in-chief, Edward Grinnan
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The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.  —Psalm 28:7

There was a stack of them. Bills, bills, bills. I started making payments, able to see our bank balance actually shrinking in real time online. Can we put off this bill? Can that one wait till the next pay period? Should we just pay a partial amount on our credit card?

Millions of Americans go through this every month. Most don’t have the options my wife, Julee, and I do, even if we were short on breathing room this month. But nothing causes me greater anxiety than finances. And I know enough by now to say that the existence of great anxiety is a very reliable indicator of a lack of faith and trust.

God promised us manna from heaven. He didn’t promise us cushy bank balances. In fact, Jesus seems to have frowned on excessive wealth. I detest feeling like this about money, but I dislike it more that I feel this way. Where is my trust? Where is my faith that I will be watched over and loved? Why does that faith disappear when it comes to finances even though God has always provided one way or another?

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I got to the final bill. We weren’t broke. We might have to cut back on a few things for a while. What I couldn’t afford to cut back on, though, was my faith.

Lord, in a perverse way, I put money ahead of You when I lose sleep over bills. Yes, I have financial obligations that must be honored. But before them and all things earthly, I must honor You with my trust.

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