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  • A Mountain of Mystery Front Cover

    Join in a Treasure Hunt with a Witty Antique Shop Owner Who Depends on Faith and Friends to Uncover Secrets from the Past. Silver Peak’s past is full of mysteries, and no one is better at solving them than Sadie Speers. Leave your cares behind and head to the high country of Silver Peak, Colorado, for some super-sleuthing fun that will bring the history of the town to life.

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  • Nobody's Safe Book Cover

    As restoration begins at the historic Silver Peak opera house, the workers discover an old, locked safe that has been sealed in the walls for decades. Sadie wants to put the safe up for auction to help offset the cost of renovation. But what about the contents? What treasures might be locked within? When a threatening, anonymous note is left on Sadie’s car, she is more determined than ever to unlock the safe’s secrets and reveal who wrote the notes. Will the hidden secrets of the past have lasting effects in the present?

  • Silver Surprise - Mysteries of Silver Peak - Book 3

    Sadie’s grandson, Theo, finds an old journal at a Denver yard sale and brings it to his grandmother to have it appraised. However, the book’s arrival in Silver Peak unexpectedly stirs up old conspiracy theories and memories of hard times when the local bank was robbed. This brings into question — after decades of quiet — whether James, the mayor, and his family are reliable. James’s reputation has never been hurt prior to this controversy, but he sees the robbery as a stain on his family history… a stain that may now wrongly ruin him if Sadie fails to uncover the truth.

  • Wildfire Book Cover

    When Sadie and her friend, Virginia, research the old, one-room schoolhouse for a fundraiser, they discover that it may have a mystery of its own! As Virginia excitedly calls Sadie about a crucial piece of evidence concerning the schoolhouse, their call suddenly ends. Is there someone who doesn’t want anyone to know the truth behind the building, and if so, why? Join Sadie and the community of Silver Peak on a cozy adventure full of mystique, faith, and friendship!

  • Empty Saddle Book Cover

    After Sadie’s granddaughter, Sara, goes missing and her horse returns with only three shoes, Sadie and the Silver Peak community must find her before she comes to any harm! Using her restless nights to investigate a few items she purchased for her store, Sadie wonders if she can ever properly focus while her granddaughter is missing. Will faith and a grandmother’s love be enough to solve this puzzling mystery, or has Sadie finally met her match?

  • Reunion Dance Book Cover

    When Sadie’s friend, Ann, comes to town in order to help plan their high school reunion, she arrives bearing some profound news: her DNA does not match that of her parents! Could a strange necklace hidden in Ann’s collar somehow be related to the old house that Sadie is restoring? Meanwhile, Sadie is forced to mediate between Ann and her best friend, Roz, as they debate over how to organize their high school reunion. Join Sadie on an unpredictable adventure about the value of friendship and a family’s love.

  • Time Will Tell Book Cover

    After losing a valuable watch on the newly-restored Mountain Crest Railroad’s inaugural trip, Sadie becomes determined to find out what happened to it. As her search progresses, nothing is quite as it seems. Who was the costumed man that sat next to her on the train ride? Could it be that a recently-deceased Silver Peak resident is still alive? Jump into another cozy mystery with more unexpected twists than the Mountain Crest Railroad!

  • A Code of Honor Book Cover

    When Sadie plans on selling a few items from the Campfire Chapel’s attic in order to offset costs for her pen pal’s damaged church roof, Sadie discovers that her congregation isn’t as willing to allocate the funds as she thought. However, just as the debate heats up, the funds are stolen! Sadie’s quest to recover the money leads her to many interesting revelations, including a period during the Civil Rights movement when faith was more important than ever.

  • The Lode of Secrets Book Cover

    When a skeleton is discovered in a nearby mine, it reignites an old mystery about a rumored murder. Sadie and her granddaughter, Sara, are eager to help a film crew shoot a movie about the murder. But when a saboteur threatens to damage the production, it becomes clear that someone is trying to keep something hidden. Is the saboteur related to the rumored murder in some way? Can Sadie and the community of Silver Peak solve the two mysteries before someone is put in harm’s way? 

  • The Counterfeit Caper Book Cover

    When Sadie discovers a stolen stash of counterfeit coins in a Steiff bear she won at an estate auction, she becomes the authority’s main suspect in a recent crime! Is someone intentionally trying to frame Sadie for the atrocity? And, more importantly, can Sadie clear her name while figuring out what her granddaughter, Sara, is hiding? As usual, there’s another exciting and cozy mystery in Silver Peak!

  • A Blessing and a Curse Book Cover

    Sadie has volunteered to be the new director of Silver Peak’s Silver Festival, despite rumors that the position is cursed. When a set of silver is stolen during the event, could it be that Sadie is destined to the same troubled fate as every director before her? Meanwhile, Sadie confronts Edwin about something that has been troubling him recently; is she ready to face the responsibilities of love once again, or will she be forced to tell Edwin something he doesn’t want to hear? 

  • The Restoration Project Book Cover

    Someone has been sneaking into Roscoe and Roz’s hardware store, Putnam & Sons, after hours! However, only a few tools are missing, in addition to Roscoe’s vintage chess set. Could an old Silver Peak family be behind the mischief? Sadie’s investigation leads her to the notorious past of Silver Peak, including bootleggers and the infamous Mountain Mafia. Meanwhile, Marge Ruxton asks Sadie to restore an antique bedroom set for her, but continually shortens the deadline for its completion. As Marge begins threatening Sadie to rush the project, Sadie must conduct some strategic sleuthing before their relationship is damaged forever. 

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