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Christmas Angels

Christmas Will Always Find You
A certain jolly old, white-bearded man—and maybe some heavenly angels—doesn’t let a teen’s emergency surgery on Christmas Eve ruin the holiday.


In the Line of Duty
I shared my hopes and dreams with my partner, while we patrolled the streets of New York City. This Christmas, he wasn’t forgotten.


Promise in the Manger
I was missing the most important part of Christmas—until I realized why Mom loved this time of year so much.


Santa’s Helper
The holidays were just too much work for one person alone. I needed a little help from the heavenly angels.


Mama’s Paper Roses
We didn’t have much money, but my mother knew how to make Christmas special for my family nonetheless. She gave us hope.


Something to Believe in at Christmastime
Not celebrating Christmas this year seemed like the worst thing in the world. But now we were losing our family too. If only there were angels on earth to help us…


Christmas Angels in the Pasture
If those big, strong animals felt the cold there was no way our little dog could have survived it. Little did we know, they were just the Christmas angels he needed.


Mayhem in the Manger
The shepherds don’t know their cues, the sheep is a menace and Mary is liable to drop the baby on his head! We needed some Christmas angels to get through this play.

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