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New Year’s Organizing Tips for Military Families

Military life can be chaotic with its many moves and sudden deployments. Here are 4 tips to weather the stress.

Organizing tips for military families
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The military life can be chaotic with multiple moves around the country and world, sudden calls for mobilization and deployment. But families can cut back on the stress by being prepared when the whirlwinds of military life converge. A little planning and organization make life easier when it everything else starts to spin.

Here are 4 quick ways to restore order:

1)  Make daily devotions a priority.
This may not seem like an organizational tip, but I learned a long time ago that when I go to God first, everything else falls into place. This was the best thing my husband and I ever did to keep our family on track.

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2)  Keep a central calendar.
It’s fine to have this calendar online—as long as you and your husband both have access to it. By keeping one calendar, everyone knows what everyone else is doing. When we added kids into the mix, I found that a calendar posted on the refrigerator worked best for us. We’d color code everyone’s events, and it helped us stay on top of who needed to where and when.

3)  Update your files.
Take a look at what’s in there. Weed out files that are no longer relevant. Box up the ones that you aren’t using, but need to keep for tax purposes. Make sure you have vaccination records, birth certificates, military forms, etc. easily accessible. 

4)  List all the things you’d like to do this year as a couple and as a family.
Holidays, vacation times and even weekends have a way of sneaking up on us if we’re not prepared. By keeping this wish-list, you’ll find yourself with a day free and a plan to enjoy it with your family.

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Being organized doesn’t work against spontaneity and living in the moment. But by keeping things on track, we can enjoy the calm moments and weather the chaotic ones.

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