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The Everything Bagel Mystery

A daughter comes up with an everything bagel idea for her dad.

An everything bagel

I love making my own greeting cards. They don’t have any glitter or ribbons on them. Instead, I keep them simple. Just a funny doodle and saying in black ink on white paper. They’re very basic but, for whatever reason, my friends and family love them. Sometimes even more than the gifts they accompany!

A few weeks ago, it was my dad’s birthday. So I got ready to make my card. I took my pen out and tried to think of something sweet and clever to say. I couldn’t think of anything. I racked my brain. Maybe I could say I loved him more than pie? Or that I hoped his birthday was full of…pie? Nothing seemed to fit! Part of the problem was that I’ve made him so many cards for birthdays or holidays that I’ve run out of imaginative things to say.

I needed a little divine intervention. I know it might sound silly to pray about a greeting card, but that’s exactly what I did. I closed my eyes for a brief moment. Please God, help me think of something to say!

An everything bagel cardAnd then it hit me: an everything bagel! I put my pen to paper and wrote:

“If you were a bagel…

you’d be an “everything” bagel

(because you are everything to us!)”

I made a little doodle of an everything bagel and called it a day. The next day, I gave the card to my dad. He loved it! Then he told me something I couldn’t believe.

“I had a craving for a bagel earlier in the week,” he said. “And then yesterday I stopped and got a bagel.”

My dad is a health nut. He never treats himself to carbs. Did I somehow pick up on his craving due to some invisible connection? Was the idea divinely planted in my head just as he was eating his bagel? Or was it just a fluke?

What do you think?  And have you ever had an inexplicable food moment? Share your story below!

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