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Mysterious Ways: A Commuter’s Answered Prayer

Her long drive was a major source of stress, but she never expected a solution to present itself so quickly.

A bumper-to-bumper traffic jam
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Gas. Brake. Gas. Brake. My foot was starting to cramp from switching between the pedals. Typical for prime rush hour.

My office was 30 miles from home. Before my first day, I’d mapped several routes. I discovered that no matter when I left or which route I took, my commute ended up the same—a total nightmare. Aggressive drivers, bumper-to-bumper traffic, construction delays. Evenings were the worst. After a long day at work, I wanted to relax, not inch along the highway while car horns blared.

I’d taken to praying during my drive. I asked God for traveling mercies—the tranquility to stay calm and alert on the road, and safe passage both ways. Still, month after month of the horrendous commute was wearing me down. I was stressed, having trouble sleeping and quick to anger. I couldn’t go on like this.

Traffic was picking up…finally. Seeing signs for the mall, I let out a sigh of relief. The mall meant I was halfway home. It was a high-end mall, with designer boutiques and specialty stores. Though I couldn’t afford to shop there, it had become a landmark I looked forward to.

As I passed it today, I said another prayer, different from my usual. More specific and fervent. “Please, God,” I whispered, “I want a shorter commute. I don’t want to have to drive farther than this mall ever again.”

A few days later, my supervisor pulled me aside. The company was dissolving my department. I was being let go, effective immediately. I cleared out my desk, trying not to feel bitter. If this was God’s way of answering my prayer, I didn’t like it. But the horrible commute was over.

While I looked for a new permanent position, I gave my résumé to a temp agency. The recruiter had no idea when there would be an opening for someone with my skill set. “I’ll call you if something comes up,” he said. It felt like a brush-off to me.

Imagine my surprise when the recruiter called the next Monday. He had a 12-week position. Good pay. Good company. Of course, I accepted. I had just one question. “I don’t know where the company is located,” I said. “Can you give me directions?” “It’s easy to find,” he said. “You know the mall? The high-end one right off the highway?”


“The office is just across the street.”

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