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Has God Ever Talked to You?

Mysterious Ways magazine wants to know if and how God has ever spoken to you. Take our survey.

Has God ever spoken to you?
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I’m fascinated by people who’ve heard God talk to them in a crystal-clear, audible voice. I’ve worked on stories with authors who’ve heard God say everything from “Stop!” to “Go home and find Brian.”

But God has never really spoken to me like that. My conversations with Him tend to be much quieter. I hear Him speak through a song or something I’ve read. Or when I’m praying. Or through the words of a random person. And, most often, through thoughts or words that just pop into my head.

Take Our Survey: How Does God Speak to You?

I wish I knew how others heard God speak. Do most people hear a clear voice? Or, do they too have this sort of inner dialogue with God going on in their head?

It’s a bit hard to find out since talking about hearing voices isn’t exactly typical water-cooler chatter or dinner-table conversation! But, here at Mysterious Ways, we didn’t let that stop us. We came up with a survey about God’s voice to get people talking and included it in our most recent issue.

Of course, God’s a mystery. We’re hoping, though, that our survey will shed some light on his voice and how best to hear it.

How does God typically talk to you? Share your experience below or take our anonymous survey here.

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