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5 Stories of Miraculous Nuns

True stories of nuns experiencing—and facilitating—miracles and mysteries

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When someone says, “nun,” I’m sure you think of stereotypical image: a little old woman in a black dress and matching habit. But nuns come in every shape, size, and stage of life. They are ordinary people who have taken the extraordinary step of devoting their lives to God. And, because of that, some have a special connection to the divine. Whether it’s an answered prayer, being in the right place at the right time, or facilitating a miraculous healing, here are five stories of nuns’ mystical experiences.

How an Artist Found Her Purpose Through This Divine Encounter

It was the summer of 1994 and Christine and her husband were visiting France. Christine, a painter, was in an artistic slump. But on a tour of a convent in the countryside, one of the nuns pulled her aside. “If you’re an artist, then you must see Sister Myriam,” she said. “She is our resident iconographer. She’ll want to meet with you.” An iconographer? Christine wasn’t sure what that meant. And she had no idea how her life was about to change…

Read the rest of Christine’s story here.

Two Blessed Nuns Became the Perfect Nannies

When Anita put an ad in the local paper, looking for a babysitter for her daughter, she expected a teenager or a retired grandmother to answer. But a few days later, she received a call from an applicant—two applicants, to be exact. Two nuns! Sister Joan and Sister Thomasine.

Find out what happened next here.

Sister Faustina Healed Her Leg

Amy had been looking forward to this trip to Europe for weeks. She was excited to travel from country to country with her sister’s touring choral group… until her leg started to hurt a few days before the trip. It was an intense pain, hot and throbbing. Amy thought it would clear up on its own, but by two days into the trip, it had only gotten worse. Then, they arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania. The city was the onetime home of Sister Faustina, a famous Polish nun. She was known for her miraculous healings. Could visiting her shrine heal Amy?

Read Amy’s story here.

How Faith Helped Her Find Her Lost Cat

Sister Sharon Dillon was a woman of faith. It’s why she believed, against all odds, that her lost cat Baby-Girl would return in time for Christmas. Her father—a skeptical man by nature—didn’t share her optimism. But Sister Sharon couldn’t shake the feeling that she hadn’t seen the last of her beloved cat. Would she get her Christmas miracle?

Find out here.

A Heaven-Sent Hospital Roommate

It had all happened so fast. One minute, Pamela was in her kitchen cooking dinner. The next, she was on the floor with a dislocated hip. At the hospital, scared and in pain, Pamela began reciting the prayers she’d memorized to calm herself down. Problem was, she didn’t know many. She’d already run through the Our Father and Hail Mary hundreds of times. But, then, she was wheeled into her room… and introduced to her roommate.

Read the rest of Pamela’s story here.

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