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Inspiring Read

A new book details one woman’s personal relationship with angels

Joan Wester Anderson
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Since the first wave of angel interest swept through the U.S. in the early 1990s, about 250 books about them have been published.

Some focus on the spiritual aspects of angels or angels in certain historical periods, others on communicating with one’s angel. They don’t all fit what the Bible teaches us about these heavenly beings, so it’s important to use discernment when choosing what to read.

Recently, I was contacted by the publisher of a new angel book, Angels in My Hair, by Lorna Byrne, a mystic who lives near Dublin, Ireland, and was on a book tour to the U.S.

I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to interview her. And I’m so glad I had the pleasure both of having a lovely conversation with Lorna and of reading the book. It once again affirms my own belief that angels are involved on Earth in many areas today, and with many different people.

Lorna was born into a poverty-stricken family, and when she was 2 years old, her parents decided that she was mentally retarded and would not benefit from formal education. Actually, Lorna was “different,” but her apparent inattention was caused by her ability to see angels all around her, almost all the time.

Like any young child, she originally assumed that everyone was able to see into this glorious world, but as she grew, she realized that this gift was unique, and it would be best if she kept it secret. From this point on, she grew somewhat distant from the people around her, seeking only to obey the beautiful beings who had taken over her world.

When Lorna reached early adolescence, she went to work doing odd jobs for her father, who ran a garage. It was around that time when the angels laid out her future: She would marry a man she loved very much and they would have children. But poverty would be the family’s constant companion, her beloved husband, Joe, would die far too soon, and Lorna would be called upon to use her developing gifts of healing, knowledge and hope for people whom God would send to her.

It all seemed far too disturbing for Lorna but, as always, she said “yes” to God, assuming He would guide her, through her angels, to the path He had chosen for her.

The rest of this well-written volume outlines the difficulties she encountered (some quite wrenching); her beautiful children, who ended up encouraging her to come out of her self-imposed isolation and tell her story to the world; and her plans to write additional books to help people understand how important angels are.

“Whether you believe it or not, you have your own angel,” Lorna tells us. “He was assigned to you before you were even conceived, and he will be there to help you pass over.”

This does not mean life is perfect—we still must go through our human lives, she explains, but angels are intended to be our companions and guards, especially during the hardships that come to all of us.

The book is a blessing. Read it and rejoice!

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