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Everyday Angels: The Blank Check

Two kind souls reach out to a stranger and her pet.

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Hi, I’m Colleen Hughes, editor-in-chief of “Angels On Earth,” with a true story of an everyday angel from Lara D. Hao, Springfield, Oregon. Angels come to us every day as a neighbor, an unexpected rescuer, a kind stranger, or a loyal pet. Listen now to a story of just such an everyday angel. 

One day when Taco– Lara’s big Maine Coon cat got sick– she rushed him to the vet. He needed an operation that would cost $300– money she didn’t have. It seemed as if the only way to end his suffering was to put him to sleep. She sat down in the waiting room and cried. 

“What’s wrong?” said a man, who had been sitting in the waiting room with his wife. She looked up. And through her tears, she told him the story. “Don’t worry,” he said, then went back to sit with his wife. 

Lara then went to the examination room to fill out some paperwork. The receptionist came in. “Never mind, miss,” she said. “It’s all been taken care of. That couple in the waiting room left a blank check to cover the operation.” Today, Taco is alive and well thanks to two kind souls who reached out to a stranger and her pet. 


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