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Dolphin Angels to the Rescue in the Middle of the Atlantic

Praying for solace and comfort, a lonely sailor on a 2000-mile journey finds help.

Dolphins to the rescue
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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Today’s guest blogger is Meg Belviso, Angels on Earth staff editor.

Eighty-five days is a long time to be alone at sea. But when his home country of Argentina cancelled flights into the country due to COVID-19, Juan Manuel Ballestero’s 29-foot sailboat was the only way to get home to his family, especially his father who was soon to turn 90.

Stuck in Portugal, he stocked his small boat with provisions and set sail across the Atlantic in mid-March. Along the way, alone in the middle of the ocean, Juan reunited with another Father: God. He started praying for comfort, and God seemed to send him a sign for comfort. A pod of dolphins that swam along with Juan’s boat on and off for some 2,000 miles. “They would go and come back,” Juan says, “and then one day, they seemed to say goodbye.”

On June 27, Juan’s family welcomed him home at the port of his hometown of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

We at Angels on Earth aren’t surprised that dolphins answered Juan’s prayers for comfort. We know they’re always ready to act as animal angels. You’ll find proof in our July/August 2020 issue

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