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Comfort, When She Was Sick

The surgery healed her mind, but two heavenly angels calmed her spirit.

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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Diana T. was a happily married mother of two daughters, working at a grocery store, when she slowly slid into a depression. Like many in this situation, she did not know why, so she eventually changed jobs, hoping her spirits would brighten.

But they didn’t. And one day on her new job, she was hit in the head with a heavy box. While in the hospital emergency room, Diana’s doctor told her that she had a buildup of fluid in her skull. This could lead to swelling in the brain, he explained, and she should consult a neurologist if she developed any symptoms.

“Though I didn’t notice any significant changes in my health or behavior, I was still depressed,” Diana remembers. Medication didn’t seem to help, and her crying and outbursts continued, compounded by a feeling of guilt that she couldn’t “snap out of it.” One day she lost her balance outside and was unable to get up. “I made an appointment with a neurologist,” she says, “but he couldn’t see me for several months.” 

Dizziness, nausea, loss of muscle control and mental acuity all followed quickly. Although she was now bedridden, Diana’s husband Rick refused to let her give up. Eventually he found a clinic to run some tests, and after four days, a surprising diagnosis occurred. There was a blockage in her brain that was causing hydrocephalus. If the blockage were removed, the problem could likely be fixed! Diana’s family was overjoyed. Her surgery would be at the UCLA Medical Clinic in Los Angeles, in just two days.

Diana was understandably nervous. She had already suffered greatly, and now worried that she would not be the same person after the surgery. But she had no choice. “I told my daughters to stay home with the therapy puppy we had purchased recently,” Diana says. It would be easier for her not to have visitors aside from her husband, in case anything went wrong.

But nothing did. Her surgeon unblocked the ventricle, draining the pressure that had caused the extreme emotions, nausea and lack of balance. A few hours later, Diana was completely coherent, and called to reassure her daughters. “My oldest said it made her cry to have a real conversation with me,” Diana said. “It had been such a miserable year.”

Yet Diana remained tormented. She felt angry, even bewildered, and refused to have visitors except Rick. Why? Had she traded her depression for another uncontrollable problem?

On her third day of recovery, Diana looked out to the hallway and thought she saw her daughters walk by her room. “Rick, the girls are here!” she told her husband. “Impossible,” Rick said. “They’re at home with the puppy, remember?”

“But…” She had been so sure. Had she been hallucinating?

A few hours later, Rick had gone for the evening, and Diana saw the girls again, coming down the hallway. This time they turned and went into her room. “They sat down in the chairs next to me,” she recalls. “I could see them clearly but their faces were blurred, like on TV when they hide a person’s identity.” The figures didn’t speak or move. They were simply a still, calm presence, waiting, encouraging her to rest.

“I know I was on medication from the surgery,” Diana says, “but I wasn’t afraid of these beings at all; in fact, the comfort they gave me completely changed my disposition. I was filled with gratitude and joy.” She does not know how long the visitors stayed, but her sense of relief remained.

In a week, Diana walked out of the medical center and has been in good health ever since. The women? “I believe they were angels, a vision God sent to help me get through a difficult time,” Diana says. “Miracles do happen.”

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