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Angel Encounters and Sightings

Found in pictures, clouds and through people that were never seen again. These are how angels provided them hope and reassurance.

Actual angel statue in a cemetery in autumn
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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There are countless of stories about angels. Stories of them watching over us, guiding us, and, of course, protecting us. This collection of stories focuses on people who experienced angelic sightings or encounters. Have you ever seen an actual angel?

Angel cloud spotted during a drive

A Texas man was driving along Highway 105 in Montgomery, Texas with his wife when he noticed a particular sighting in the clouds that stood out to him. Danny Ferraro stopped to snap a picture of what he believed was a cloud the shape of an angel in the sky. He uploaded the image to Facebook where it’s been shared over 19,000 times. Ferraro said the sighting was the positive sign he needed during a time of dread, according to Today.

Angel appears in 9/11 photo tribute

As a tribute to the lives lost on 9/11 almost 18 years ago, twin lights beam into the sky from sunset to sunrise every anniversary. In 2016, Rich McCormack was in Hoboken, N.J.  taking photos of the lights from across the Hudson River when he realized he captured more than just the beams in one of the shots. The image, according to McCormack, is a figure of an angel floating in the night sky. Although some say the sighting is just an unusual cloud formation, McCormack told Inside Edition he believes it is indeed an angel watching over us.

Pastor experiences angelic encounter that saved his life

Pastor John Boston was driving on Airport Road in Columbus, Ohio in 2015 when he got into a terrible car accident that sent a live transformer crashing into his car. Fox 8 Cleveland reported that he was trapped inside of the burning car as the windshield melted and the door folded shut. Boston said a stranger walked up, opened the door and removed him from the car to safety. The stranger told Boston his name was “Johnny” and that he had to leave the scene before first responders arrived because he “can’t be here when they get here.” He never saw Johnny again. Boston walked away with minor injuries and a stronger sense of determination to serve, after his miracle encounter with what he strongly believes was an angel.

Security camera captured an angel

Michigan resident Glenn Thomas told Inside Edition he was touched by an angel, after discovering his motion-sensor security camera captured an image of one hovering over his pickup truck. He instantly sent his photo to the pastor of his church, Danielle Moes, who then shared the photo on Facebook. Many locals believe the figure in the photo is a sign from heaven. Moes’ Facebook post has since obtained hundreds of shares.

An angelic nurse

Luke was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was just eight years old. During his two-week hospital stay to treat an infection, a nurse came into Luke’s hospital room. As he slept, his mom spoke with the nurse, who was wearing a 1960s work uniform which she thought was strange. The nurse told Luke’s mom she would pray for his healing before exiting. Luke fully healed of his infection and is now cancer free. According to Thought Co., both Luke and his mom believe the nurse, who was never seen again, was a guardian angel who offered them hope during a difficult time.

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