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Angels on Social Media

Miracles happen on social media.

Miracles on social media
Credit: Getty Images/Monkey Business

Guideposts The Joys of Christmas 2016 is now available, just click here. In a piece we called #MiraclesHappen, we highlight some of the little wonders that occur on social media, where angels are alive and well. Here are two delightful entries that we didn’t have room for in the print issue. Enjoy them and then share your social media miracles with us on Facebook.

Snapshot of Love
Michael Kent proposed to his girlfriend on a beautiful, snow-covered street while on vacation in Reykjavik, Iceland. Jessica Bowe was on her way home when she stopped to snap a few photos of Reykjavik’s streets decked out in holiday style. She happened to pass by the moment Michael got down on one knee. Photo op! Would the couple like a copy?

Michael, hands trembling from nerves or the cold, typed his e-mail incorrectly into Jessica’s phone. A day later, heartbroken, he realized his mistake and took to Twitter to find the mystery photographer. Impossible? Not in the Twitterverse. It just so happened that Jessica had also posted about the photo and connecting the dots was as easy as saying “yes.”(Photo: Jrbowe/Instagram)

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Memories Lost and Found
Kicking around at home on Christmas Day 2013, George Chaplin of Ada, Oklahoma, came across a digital picture frame he’d purchased at a Goodwill story when he lived in Iowa. He was surprised it had made the move. Inside the frame, he found a memory card and was intrigued.

George and his wife spent hours looking at the photos and video of a family. Someone’s treasure! A young girl in a Lanett cheerleading uniform, a certificate with the name Ethan Stallings, a grandmother with her grandkids.

The couple pieced together clues, then turned to Facebook. Through 100 degrees of separation, they eventually tracked down Terry Steele of Lanett, Alabama. The frame had been stolen from Terry’s home years earlier. His wife died in April. She was the shutterbug. Now he’d have her memories on his first Christmas without her. Treasures untold.

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