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Reunion Dance – Mysteries of Silver Peak – Book 9


When Sadie’s friend, Ann, comes to town in order to help plan their high school reunion, she arrives bearing some profound news: her DNA does not match that of her parents! Could a strange necklace hidden in Ann’s collar somehow be related to the old house that Sadie is restoring? Meanwhile, Sadie is forced to mediate between Ann and her best friend, Roz, as they debate over how to organize their high school reunion. Join Sadie on an unpredictable adventure about the value of friendship and a family’s love.


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About The Book Reunion Dance– Book 9

Sadie Speers is helping a local family restore a venerable old house to its original splendor. When her friend Ann arrives from California to help plan their upcoming high school reunion, Ann confides that she’s actually there for something more: she’s just learned that her DNA does not match her parents’. As they consider the implications, a strange necklace slips out from Ann’s collar. Sadie immediately recognizes the design as a match for a distinctive grating in the house she’s restoring. But when asked about it, Ann says it’s a family heirloom.

As Sadie plays referee between Ann and her best friend, Roz, whose ideas for the reunion are as different as California is from Colorado, she begins piecing together the baffling connection between the necklace and the old house. What Sadie learns uncovers a fascinating chapter from the town’s past and brings about another amazing reunion.

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Author: Carole Jefferson

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