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Patchwork Mysteries: Family Patterns


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Curl up with a mystery that weaves the threads of family, faith and community into a beautiful pattern.

When Sarah Hart’s son and daughter-in-law move back to Maple Hill, they begin to restore the abandoned Victorian home where Sarah’s father grew up. One day, while looking after her twin granddaughters, Audrey and Amy, they discover a secret passage and a long-lost quilt that could hold the answers to an old family mystery. Along the way, with the help of her faith, Sarah unravels the mysteries of the human heart and deepens her relationships with friends and family.
You’ll meet:

Maggie, Sarah’s daughter-in-law, whose impetuous nature and creative spirit can be inspiring, but can also lead to family tensions.
Katie, a young graduate student boarding at Sarah’s home, whose reasons for coming to Maple Hill don’t seem to add up.
Molly, Sarah’s grandmother, whose disappearance more than 90 years ago cast a shadow of suspicion and disgrace over her family for generations.
As an expert hobbyist in quilt restoration, Sarah starts to work on the antique quilt‒and she discovers strange clues that form a pattern almost as complicated as the quilt pattern itself. But as any quilter can tell you, even the most complicated patterns can be broken down into simple manageable pieces. Follow Sarah as she ultimately sews up the mystery.

Sometimes what looks like a stray thread can unravel an entire quilt, or reveal the pattern of a family history.

Every family has its secrets and mysteries. Sarah has been haunted by the rumors that followed her father his long life. Even after 90 years, there are still people in the small town of Maple Hill who whisper their suspicions or who are unafraid to spread old gossip that Sarah’s grandfather Noah killed his wife.

Sometimes asking questions about old family secrets can seem dangerous‒but Sarah brings the courage of her conviction and a heart filled with prayer to every challenge. Her Christian faith gives her the strength to face these trials head on and seek the truth about the past.

Blest be the tie that binds. Follow the thread of the story and find inspiration and the courage of conviction.

Get tangled up in the mystery and fun of family history. And discover how an open heart leads to all the answers.

You’ll be on pins and needles as you find each new clue with Sarah. And you’ll see the common threads that bind all families and communities together in faith and love. You’ll recognize the people of Maple Hill, because they’re as familiar as the members of your church and the people in your neighborhood. And you’ll take pleasure in the ways that each one of them holds an essential piece of the puzzle, clear only to one with a heart open enough to hear.

When you download your FREE copy of the eBook, Patchwork Mysteries: Family Patterns, you’ll understand why Sarah can’t let the questions go unanswered. It’s the kind of Christian fiction you won’t want to put down because it’s just that much fun.

Get away to the town of Maple Hill, where the beauty of God’s creation is matched by the mysteries of the human heart.

This exquisite New England town is surrounded by rolling hills and sweeping valleys that display the glory of God’s creation in every season. It’s no wonder that Sarah’s son Jason left Los Angeles with his family to return to this idyllic landscape. And it’s no surprise that Katie Campbell fled her past to seek the simple goodness of small-town life. Yet amid the natural beauty and everyday simplicity lay secrets that need revealing. Your pulse will quicken as clues gradually surface the truth and your heart will open as you see how:

Prayer can be a way to listen for God’s voice
The wisdom of elders (and youth) can be shared across generations
Our love of life’s simple pleasures, from quilting to cooking, can open hearts and change minds.
Lose yourself in the pages of this suspenseful and entertaining mystery filled with wisdom and grounded in faith and family.

One stitch at a time, taken with patience, faith and love, the pattern becomes clear. Just like God’s plan for us.

Sarah knows that quilting teaches life’s lessons with beautiful results. As you spend time with her, you’ll begin seeing patterns in your own life that you never saw before. And you’ll be moved by how Sarah’s simple practice of Christian prayer touches all her relationships, connecting her deeply to everyone in her life.

Make yourself cozy and give yourself over to this moving story where Christian belief helps bring the answers we seek.

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