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Off the Beaten Path – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries – Book 6


Cheryl and Levi are looking forward to hosting a “Live Like the Amish” special at the Miller family farm. However, when the guests and their bus mysteriously disappear en route to the event, it’s up to Cheryl and her friends from Sugarcreek to investigate and prevent further catastrophe!


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About Off the Beaten Path – Book 6 – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries

Cheryl Cooper and Levi Miller have painstakingly planned a special “Live Like the Amish” weekend for a group of senior citizens. The Miller family farm will serve as the perfect backdrop for the event, and they plan to give their guests an inside look at all things Amish– from buggies to fry pies and everything in between.

It promises to be a relaxing time for all… until a pop star in disguise shows up and one of the grannies turns out to be a fugitive. And when the entire busload of people disappears before it reaches its destination, Cheryl realizes there’s more to being a tour operator than she bargained for.

She and her friends scramble to locate the missing bus but are met with roadblocks at every turn. Can they figure out who is behind the vanishing vehicle before it’s too late? Or has it gone so far off the beaten path that it will never be found?

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