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Nowhere to be Found – Secrets of the Blue Hill Library – Book 1


Anne Gibson is excited to transform her great-aunt Edie’s home into a beautiful library, but she has discovered something amazing! A hidden room is revealed behind an old quilt, which contains a picture of Aunt Edie in a wedding gown. However, Anne is rather certain that her relative was never hitched! Can Anne uncover the story behind her great aunt and figure out the role of the handsome man pictured next to her? Meanwhile, Anne reacquaints herself with her old friends while making new ones at the same time, but there is an individual who isn’t as excited as the others to see her again. Will past endings prevent new beginnings?

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About The Series

Mysterious things happen as a young widow transforms her great-aunt’s historic Victorian mansion into the new town library. As Anne Gibson seeks a new life for herself and her children and fulfills her aunt Edie’s final wishes, she discovers new insights into Edie’s fascinating past and God’s plan for her familys future.


About Nowhere to be Found – Secrets of the Blue Hill Library – Book 1

Nowhere to be Found– Book 1While converting the Victorian home left by her great-aunt Edie into a library, Anne Gibson stumbles upon a fascinating find. Hidden behind an old star quilt is a tiny sealed-off room with a small writing desk and a faded photograph of Edie in a wedding gown that provides the first puzzling clue to the room’s significance. Anne is certain Aunt Edie never married, so who is the handsome young man with her in the photograph? Could he still hold claim to the house bequeathed to Anne? As she sets out to solve the mystery, Anne makes delightful new friends and runs into old ones—including a high school sweetheart who might not be happy that the woman who broke his heart is back in town.


Book Details
Author: Emily Thomas

Book Format: Hardcover

Page Count:  276 pages

Also available in eBook format

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