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Muslin Mystery – Patchwork Mysteries – Book 3

While restoring a quilt for a client, Sarah discovers that the blocks of the quilt spell out a cry for help! With her client refusing to relinquish any information regarding the quilt, as well as various locals warning her about possible danger, Sarah must solve this mystery quickly before she puts herself in harm’s way!


Muslin Mystery is the 3rd book in the Patchwork Mysteries fiction series.

When Sarah agrees to restore an old quilt for a wealthy recluse; she’s surprised by a message that is formed when the blocks of quilt are put together. It’s a cry for help, but Sarah doesn’t know who wrote it or how long ago. Her client won’t reveal any information about it, and a stranger warns her that she may be in danger. Sarah must decide whether or not to pursue this mystery or listen to the stranger for fear of her own life.

About the Author

Vera Dodge is the author of Rewriting History, the second book in the Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop series. She has written several other Guideposts books, including the AFCW Carol Award-nominated Patchwork Mysteries book, Muslin Mystery.

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