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Dangerous Beauty – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 21


When Sadie holds a sidewalk sale featuring many of the items she purchased at a recent auction, many customers mysteriously begin to fall ill! Could this be the fault of the food vendors, or is it something less obvious? Meanwhile, Sadie embarks on a quest to discover the identity of a beautiful woman depicted on one of the portraits she won at the auction. Her adventure leads her to a forgotten narrative in Silver Peak’s history about a murder and deceit; what is the secret behind the individual formerly known as the Black Widow? 


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About The Book

When Sadie Speers buys the contents of a storage locker at an auction, she finds some great pieces, including a portrait of a beautiful Victorian-era woman.  Sadie holds a sidewalk sale at her shop, the Antique Mine, and one by one, people, including her grandson Theo, fall terribly ill.  At first she thinks it was the street vendor’s food but soon realized it must be something else. 

Meanwhile, Sadie sets out to learn the identity of the woman in the portrait.  What she discovers reveals a forgotten chapter in Silver Peak history:  that of the Black Widow, accused of killing her husband and two young sons in a case that sensationalized the town and the state of Colorado.

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