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All the Inn’s a Stage – Secrets of Wayfarers Inn – Book 12

Author: Roseanna White


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All the Inn’s a Stage is the 12th book in the Secrets of Wayfarers Inn cozy mystery series.

When Janice and her friends agree to host her friend Heidi’s traveling theater company at the inn for their big debut, they have no idea how immersive the experience will really be. Janice throws herself into the role of costume designer, using her skills with needle and hot glue to bring Heidi’s vision to life. But as rehearsals continue, fog machines start falling, Janice’s sewing machine is sabotaged, and a rival theater company’s brochures appear all over town. Is there a saboteur in the cast, or is it the rival theater owner who has ties not only to Heidi, but to one of the play’s actors? Meanwhile, Harry gives the Inn Crowd a box of old books from his antique shop that includes a battered fragment of an antique script. A tantalizing clue on the cover makes Janice and her friends wonder—could it have anything to do with the inn’s role as a station on the Underground Railroad? And could there also be a connection to the current drama at the inn?

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