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A Cup of Grace – Tearoom Mysteries – Book 24

Nathan is surprised by news that he has inherited a shuttered roadside attraction, the World’s Largest Snow Globe, which he and Elaine remember fondly from their youth. When the will is suddenly challenged, however, things start to go very wrong, and it becomes clear that someone is trying to keep Nathan from his inheritance. As Elaine and Jan try to uncover the culprit, they begin to unravel the many mysteries of the Newton family, who originally owned and developed the property. Meanwhile, as the tearoom gears up for its annual Victorian Valentine’s Gala, Jan observes that Pastor Mike and Sarah seem especially stressed by the demands of the congregation in this busy season. The cousins hatch a surprise plan to honor them. But will their plans be thwarted by Pastor Mike and Sarah’s lack of cooperation?


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About Tearoom Mysteries

Come explore the quaint village of Lake Chickadee, Maine with its picturesque mountain lake surrounded by wild blueberry bushes. Like the people who come to Elaine and Jan’s tearoom, you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed and entertained by the books in this new fiction series by Guideposts.

Join in the fun of solving the mysteries alongside the cousins as they find themselves in the middle of situations that take perseverance and faith to work out. Adding to that a budding romance with an old beau, a whirlwind of family and friends, the exciting adventures of a new life, and you’ll find yourself wrapped up in stories you won’t want to put down.

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