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4 Positive Habits Created by Prayer

How the discipline of prayer helps other areas of your life

Positive prayer habits
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People often forget the positive impact that spiritual disciplines, such as praying, can have on every aspect of their lives. Prayer helps us create positive habits, as well as designate a specific time, space and mindset to disconnect from everything and connect with God. Also, these are transferable practices that can be used across other areas of life.

With that in mind, here’s how prayer can help us develop the following positive life disciplines:

1)  Focus
Every day there are competing interests that need to be put aside so we can spend time alone in conversation with God. We must train our mind, body and spirit to talk and listen to Him.

2) Time Management
Unless we designate a specific time each day for prayer, it doesn’t always happen. This designated time can be just five minutes or a half an hour. The length of time doesn’t matter as long as we are consistent.

3)  More Trust in God and Ourselves
To achieve success in life, we need to be comfortable standing on our own and not following the crowd. We must learn to rely on God and ourselves in order to cultivate contentment.

4)  A Better Understanding of the Bible
When developing our prayer life, we must consider and contemplate different stories, text and characters from the Bible. We must push ourselves to learn and understand more about our faith. This is a practice that can be used in our careers no matter what we do for a living.

Prayer is a conversation with God, ,but it is also a great spiritual practice that can help us attain positive habits and disciplines. If you don’t already practice the discipline of prayer, give it a try. It’s not only good for your heart and soul, but can help you achieve your dreams and goals. You will be amazed by how prayer can impact your life. What other disciplines has your prayer life helped you develop?

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